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Since I have written an actual entry lol so here I go. Um lots have happened but getting down to it all, I am pregnant for my 4th and last time. Not sure how far along I am at the moment, though I am in 2nd trimester. Alex and I are still together and going strong. Rhianna is a year and a few months old now, growing like a weed lol! She's a beautiful baby and we're very happy with how she's developing.
I'm more active at the MLPTP again. I've got my collection growing again. Also, I'm still a huge wrestling fan though not any really great storylines going on at the moment. NOC(Night of Champions) Is the next ppv coming up but only a few matches interest me.
The most eventful thing going on in my life right now is it's summer. I've only gone swimming one time so far but if it all works out well then we will be going again this afternoon after coming home from the grocery store.
One of the most exciting things that happened this year was Alex and I going to the WWE No Way Out live event!
That was fun! We were both really sick but weren't going to cancel the event. LOL We're both too much into wrestling.
This year American Idol was intense and nuts. I started off liking Danny, then turned around and really started Liking Adam Lambert and yes even have a Glambert number haha 1806. But since then and since he's gotten his career going, the hype has settled down for me and I am not as 'fan girlish' as I was.
So hopefully I can start writing in here more like I used to. Even short entries lol.
Anyway, I don't have much more to say right now, so that's it. And I just want to add one thing:
I ABSOLUTELY HATE PEOPLE ADDING ME ON LJ WITHOUT MY PERMISSION! IF I don't know you, don't fuckin' add me because all it turns out to be is spam!!!
I just had to get that out and make it clear.
My LJ is for my friends, and not for spam, porn or other shit!
And now, I shall go.
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Do you still use a landline at home, or do you rely completely on your cell phone?
All I really need is my cell. It's waay too inconvenient to use landlines and who wants to pay for a landline AND a cell? Not me lol cell all the way!
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If you had to choose between your friends and your significant other, who would you choose?
I used to choose friends but never again. My true love started out as a very good friend and IS my best friend and the one I know won't backstab me. We've known each other for a lonnnng time and loved each other the same. So my man comes first and he is the same that I come first. It's what keeps our bond so strong and prevents others from trying to tear us apart.
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First- I am 30 weeks pregnant, and Alex and I are having a baby girl! Yaaaay! We're going to name her Rhianna Colleen. We're excited and so along with that and other things I just haven't really been on here. I've also become addicted to Myyearbook and so I've been on there but I'm still here too. Hope you are all doing well. Pandora is being a big crazy and she started chewing on the carpet which she was scolded for. Also, since she pees on the couch, we won't let her on it now.

Hmm...I wanted to watch Wrestlemania 24 but we won't be able to afford it and if we could go to it that would be even better. I'm not working and just hanging around the house with my preggy self. LOL! Anyway, I am going to try to keep coming back even if it isn't as often. Hugs!

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What is your Paranormal gift?
Reading minds... what am I thinking? Hehe, just kidding. But you always know what others are thinking, if you want. You can be a smart alec at times but you don't care, because you probably know everybodies secrets and have a smug little smirk on your face. Oh well, just don't abuse it. O.o

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Are You Cute, Hot, Or Beautiful?
CUTE personality
CUTE personality
Awww, you have a cute personality, you LOVE little fuzzy animals and trips to Disney Land. Bless...

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Since I haven't posted these in a while, I thought I'd post some today. ANYTHING to get my mind off of this "morning sickness". I could be pregnant, then again it could just be another false alarm. Only time will tell. oh yeah and I made this little avatar thingy lol. I'm still a big HP fan Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

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